The Campaign

Unleashing the potential of South Knoxville and Fort Sanders

Greg Knox and his family have been in Knoxville for generations. He is the 6th generation to be born in South Knoxville and he is running for City Council District 1 to serve those who call South Knoxville and Fort Sanders home. He has lived all over Knoxville and he currently lives in Lindbergh Forest while previously living in Fort Sanders in the Candy Factory. Greg has been a software developer for 20 years and has worked in South Knoxville for the last 10 years.

Greg (middle) at his grandparents’ home at 2117 Spence Place in Island Home

From the South Waterfront to the Urban Wilderness, South Knoxville is a fantastic place with incredible potential. Greg believes he can help his district tap this potential by promoting safer communities, enabling robust economic growth, and by enhancing the features of South Knoxville and Fort Sanders that are not found anywhere else.

Greg believes Knoxville must become a ‘smart’ city. Knowledge is power, and the more the citizens and government know about their city the better decisions they can make. From employing intelligent traffic systems to utilizing apps that connect us, Knoxville can build a smart infrastructure that creates a more positive experience for residents, tourists, and businesses, while enabling the government to operate with more efficiency. Technology is moving faster than ever before, and cities need to be sure they are equipped to take advantage of these innovations.

Pedestrians and cyclists shouldn’t be an afterthought when building and upgrading our roads. Multimodal transportation systems with integrated technologies will improve safety, enhance mobility for all, and reduce the city’s impact on the environment. Knoxville also needs to look at existing railways that can be repurposed as light rail systems or converted to greenways. These transportation systems coupled with various technologies will expand access to social, economic, and cultural activities while also supporting growth, enhancing sustainability, and managing congestion.

Greg (left) riding the Kern’s carousel for his birthday

Knoxville also has an opportunity to embrace the entertainment industry by making the city a place where companies can affordably create their productions and where creative types can flourish in their art. Greg has been an active member in the acting, film, and music communities for over a decade, and he believes we can greatly expand the city’s artistic influence in the region.

Greg will work with neighbors, business leaders, law enforcement, firefighters, and city officials alike to ensure our district and city are places where everyone feels safe. Knoxville has a gem with the Urban Wilderness that has become the envy of many cities and has the potential to be much more. The South Waterfront is progressing and will soon be an incredible addition to the district and the City of Knoxville.

To achieve our district’s full potential, Greg will propose and support ideas that will make the area a lightning rod for economic activity. South Knoxville and Fort Sanders will need both private and public investments to create the healthy tax base that’s needed for such improvements. We live in a quickly changing world, and technology is pushing that change. Knoxville must be ready for these changes and being a councilman for District 1 will allow him to push the potential of the community while respecting the legacy its longtime residents hold dear.

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District 1

Let’s make South Knoxville and Fort Sanders the communities we know they can be

Safer Neighborhoods

A safe community is crucial to the development, sustainability, and happiness of its citizens and businesses.

Urban Wilderness

South Knoxville has a unique opportunity to embrace the outdoors like no other community. Let’s expand the reach of our Urban Wilderness.

Smart City

Technology is changing faster than ever before and our city must keep up. Leveraging the latest trends we can create a government that is more efficient and more reliable.

South Waterfront

Exciting times are ahead for our community and our city with the South Waterfront development. The economic impact to South Knoxville can be substantial.

Economic Prosperity

Our community is poised to benefit from a growing economy. Let’s be sure we grow responsibly.

Great Smoky Mountains

Gateway to the Smokies

Millions of people visit the Great Smoky Mountains National Park every year and we should try to attract as many as we can to come through South Knoxville.